Our Services

We offer a range of flexible hosting solutions, below is a list of core services that all our customers receive

Super Fast

We use the latest technology to ensure that your site loads in the fastest possible time

Secure HTTPS

We offer SSL certificates on all our hosting packages.
Completely free of charge!


99.95% uptime guarantee
If we don't meet this target your next renewal is automatically discounted

Technical support

Our technical experts provide a friendly and professional level of service and support

Email Protection

We provide Email anti-spam and anti-virus protection. Email is accessible securely by IMAPS, SMTPS and webmail


We are based in the UK but our primary hosting facility is in Germany.

 Our Story

Our Story

We were founded in 1997 to offer a real alternative to large impersonal hosting companies. Large hosting companies lure customers with 'basic' low cost packages. When you outgrow this you are forced to upgrade to a more expensive package even if it doesn't meet your needs. We prefer to talk directly with our customers and discuss their needs on a regular basis, if you need something it is our aim to provide it.

Our Team

The core team has a diverse range of technical skills. With a range of experience spanning development, systems administration, automation, continuous improvement, business systems and disaster recovery.
Richard Pearce
Richard Pearce
Richard Haygreen
Richard Haygreen

Happy Customers

We take pride in our service and love to share what our customers are saying..

Do you need more from your hosting provider? Are you spending too much already? Talk to us maybe we can help..

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